Corporate Responsibility

Our corporate responsibility programs are an important part of how we help people in the developing countries, specifically India to access high-quality & affordable Ayurvedic medicines. Despite the remarkable medical progress during the last century, there are still millions of people worldwide who lack access to essential health services and there are billions who cannot afford to buy the medicines they need. A healthy life, unfortunately, is still far from a given for too many. Currently Indian medicine market is facing biggest threat of spurious and sub-standard Ayurvedic medicines. Addressing these issues we are creating a Direct to patient business module for our OTC Ayurvedic segment.

piles medicine

As a speciality Ayurvedic healthcare provider Ayushmaan is committed to playing a key role in achieving Indian healthcare goals, by pioneering new approaches to drive increased access of effective & working Ayurvedic medicines specifically for lifestyle disease management sector. Increasing access to genuine Ayurvedic medicines is the basis of our day-to-day business model, and we also support a range of targeted corporate responsibility programs to ensure access for those most in need.

As a Corporate Responsibility programs we focus on addressing specific health needs in underprivileged communities & below poverty line people in India. This includes awareness about lifestyle disease like Diabetes, Hemorrhoids (Piles) and infectious diseases like Fistula-in-Ano, as well as promoting access to medical information and capacity building through our local awareness programmes in small villages & remote areas.

Doing Business Responsibly

Society has very high expectations for ethical behaviour from a medicine manufacturing companies – expectations that very often go beyond what is legally required. We are taking steps to ensure our standards align with these expectations.

We aspire, as part of our vision, to be a trusted leader in changing the practice of Ayurvedic medicines. To realize this vision, we need to earn and maintain the trust of patients, associates, Doctors and the society we serve.

As an ethical approach, we have a responsibility to serve as an example in how we conduct our business. We continually review and strengthen our policies and practices to meet and exceed the expectations of our Patients & associated Doctors and strive to adhere to high business & ethical standards.

As a responsible healthcare provider, we take our responsibility to protect the environment seriously & follow all the government practises & Laws of Health safety & Environment. Our Organisation is ISO certified & strictly follows the Current GMP in manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines. Employee safety is also an integral part of our company policy. At Ayushmaan we are committed to providing our associates with safe workplaces. Minimizing accident rate is one of the top concerns at Ayushmaan. We have systems in place to prevent accidents and ensure our operations are safe. Ongoing training programs for employees bring us closer to our goal of an accident-free environment for all people as well as society.